Google Snippets & Meta Description Tags

Acupuncture Search Engine Optimization

Google’s Matt Cutts discusses how snippets work. Snippets are short bits of text that appear just below the blue link text in Google search results.

HINT: Snippets usually come from a page’s meta description tag. Users of QiSites acupuncture website builder can edit a page’s meta description tag by clicking the meta button.

Better Visibility on Google

Acupuncture SEO

Matt Cutts works for Google and is well known in the search engine optimization community. In this video he gives some practical advice that is useful for acupuncture website SEO.

Does Google use the keyword meta tag?

Keyword Meta Tag and SEO

Google does not use the keyword meta tag in web rankings according to Google’s Matt Cutts.

Don't Waste Your Word of Mouth

Acupuncture Websites & Word of Mouth

Acupuncture websites and word of mouth marketing for acupuncturists

Practitioners often think that the primary benefit of an acupuncture practice website will come from random search engine traffic. Not so. The best reason to have an acupuncture website is to reap the full benefit of your word of mouth.

We all know that word of mouth is the core of marketing an acupuncture practice. But how does word of mouth work? Do patients go around handing out business cards? Well yes, sometimes (especially if you encourage them to!). But in most cases they simply mention you. If you can’t be found in Google these mentions will be less likely to turn into real patients. So stop hiding from your potential patients and get your acupuncture website online today!

Which Search Engines Matter?

Google, Google and, um, Google

Google is by far the most popular search engine in the U.S. Almost 70% of all internet searchers in the U.S. are going to see Google’s results (even though they might not be using Google directly). So Google should be your primary focus when optimizing your acupuncture website.

Other search engines that people use are Yahoo! and Microsoft’s oft renamed search engine, currently known as Bing. A handful of people also use, mainly in the South West U.S. And that’s it.

UPDATE: Yahoo now licenses its search results from Bing. That means that Yahoo results will be identical to Bing results.

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