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Connect the Email Capture form to MailChimp

QiSites offers an integrated email capture feature with free downloadable ebook, to help you generate more leads for your practice. You can automatically import the captured email addresses into your MailChimp mailing list through our MailChimp integration. To integrate with MailChimp, you'll need to add a MailChimp API Key and a Audience ID.

Adding your MailChimp API Key

Your API key should be added under Settings > Leads > MailChimp API Key. If you don't already have an API key, see MailChimp's instructions to create a new API key.

Adding your MailChimp Audience ID

Your Audience ID should be added under Settings > Leads > MailChimp Audience ID. To find your Audience ID in MailChimp, see MailChimp's instructions to find your Audience ID.

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