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How do I transfer my domain to QiSites?

Connecting your domain name

To connect your domain name to your QiSites website, change your nameserver settings with your domain registrar. Changing nameservers will bring your QiSites website online, however the registration will stay with your current registrar (meaning you must still pay them a renewal fee.)

Transferring domain registration

Transferring domain registration is optional and is not required to host your website with QiSites. Transferring your domain registration will allow you to take advantage of our free yearly domain renewal. We accept inbound transfers of .com, .net, .org and .info domain names.

To initiate an inbound transfer:

  1. Unlock the Domain

    Your domain will normally be locked, which prevents it from being transferred. The process for unlocking will depend on your domain registrar, so check their support information for instructions.
  2. Request Your Transfer Authorization Code

    Request your Transfer Authorization Code from your domain registrar (some registrars call it an EPP Code). Depending on your domain registrar's system, they may display the code on their website for you to copy/paste or they may email it to the Administrative contact.
  3. Contact Us to Initiate the Transfer

    Once the above steps are complete, contact us to initiate the transfer. Be sure to send us the Transfer Authorization Code.
  4. Wait for Confirmation

    We will email you a notification when we initiate the domain transfer process, and we will email you a confirmation when the transfer has completed. Domain transfers typically take 5-7 days to complete.

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