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Advanced Topic: Inline Styles

Using the HTML Source editor, you can control the presentation of HTML elements by adding a style parameter. Here are some examples.

Change the Color of a Heading

Here's the original HTML...

<h2>Some text...</h2>

And here we set the color to blue...

<h2 style="color:blue;">Some text...</h2>

We could also use a hex value to specify the color...

<h2 style="color:#0000ff;">Some text...</h2>

Change Multiple Styles

Here we set both the font size and the color...

<h2 style="color:blue; font-size:18px;">Some text...</h2>

Add a Border and Padding

Here we add a teal colored border around a paragraph (with a little padding so that the text doesn't touch the border)...

<p style="border: 1px solid #008B8B; padding: 12px;">Some text...</p>

Other Style Properties

There are lots of style properties you can control. Here's a list of CSS style properties you can experiment with.

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