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Advanced Topic: Open Link in New Browser Window

When a visitor clicks a link it is sometimes useful to have the new webpage open in a new browser window. We will need to edit a tiny bit of HTML to accomplish this task. NOTE: We recommend reading this article by Chris Coyier to understand when using this technique is appropriate.

1. Create a Link

First, create your link. For this example let's suppose we're linking to If you don't already know how to create links, you can watch the first part of our video tutorial on adding links.

2. Add a Target Attribute

Next we need to add a special HTML attribute to the link. Using the HTML Source tool (pictured below) make the following change...

Here's the original HTML...

<a href="">My Link</a>

And here we modify the A tag by adding a target attribute with the value "_blank":

<a target="_blank" href="">My Link</a>

That's it for the HTML editing. You can go ahead and save your changes. When clicked, your link will now open in a new browser window.

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