Enable SSL Encryption

Free SSL Certificates

QiSites offers free SSL certificates for all domains connected to a QiSites website. With SSL enabled, your visitors will always access your website over a secure connection, and will see a lock icon displayed in their browser.

SSL encrypted acupuncture websites

In addition, Google has said that they will favor SSL encrypted websites going forward, so adding SSL may help your search ranking.

How to Enable SSL

1) Click on Settings in the main toolbar.
2) In the Account tab, change SSL Encryption to enabled.

Troubleshooting Mixed Content

Some pages on your website may have mixed content, meaning that while the page loads securely over HTTPS, there are integrated third-party elements, such as images or JavaScripts, that are loading over an standard HTTP connection. Your browser may display a warning when it loads mixed content and the lock icon may appear disabled. If you experience this issue on any of your pages, contact us and we will help you identify and update or remove the non-HTTPS content.

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