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ICANN’s new domain transfer policy makes registration transfers even harder

domain transfers

Domain transfers will get harder as of December 1st, 2016

Domain names have been around for decades. With thousands of registration transfers happening every day, you'd think the process would work like a well-oiled machine by now. Unfortunately ICANN (the organization that controls domain name registrations) has launched a new policy that significantly complicates the process of changing domain registration from one registrant to another.

ICANN's new and more difficult process will now require approvals from both parties involved in the domain transfer. Both the old registrant and new registrant will receive emails with validation links that must be clicked to approve the transfer. If either party fails to click their link within 7 days, the transfer will fail. Furthermore, if the transfer is approved, the domain will then be locked for 60 days, just as it would for a new registration.

This change is intended to improve the security of domains by preventing domain hijacking, but in practical terms it's going to lead to lots of frustration for consumers. Even a simple update to the registrant's business name or email address will trigger a cascade of approval emails, leading to inevitable confusion and failed updates.


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