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Theme Renovations in Progress

We are pleased to announce that we are in the process of renovating our website themes. In keeping with recent web design trends, the renovated themes will have larger fonts and more white space (“white space” is the graphic design term for empty space around page elements). The result will be themes that feel cleaner, more readable, and more welcoming to visitors.

You don’t need to take any action to benefit from these updates. Updated themes will be rolled out over the coming weeks and your website will automatically receive the upgrade!

New Website Design Template

Acupuncture Website Design

New Acupuncture Website Design

Our latest acupuncture website design features simple, elegant lines. We’ve given this acupuncture website design a horizontal main navigation menu and are introducing this new design in two styles: black and green. The black website is inspired by Japanese and Swedish design, featuring the sharp contrast of black text on a white background, and a deep, rich red as the link color. Our green website design, depicted above, is soft and elegant, evoking the feeling of springtime. Both acupuncture website designs are available immediately through the QiSites website editor.

New Acupuncture Website Design

Acupuncture Clinic Websites

Zen garden acupuncture website design

Reminiscent of a Zen garden, this elegant acupuncture website design is both active and tranquil at the same time, like a person sitting Zazen. If you want your acupuncture clinic website to instill calm in your visitors this website template is an excellent choice. It’s available is 9 colors.

New Acupuncture Website Template

The Best Acupuncture Websites are Simple

Classic acupuncture website design

This clean, simple website design is perfect for an acupuncture clinic website. The design was inspired by the Swiss style also know as International Typographic Style. The page is well structured and the typography is clear and readable. The navigation menu on this acupuncture template is easy to use and works for a small site with 3 or 4 pages or a large site with 80 or more web pages. This design is a classic and with 9 colors variations to choose from it could for almost any style of health care practice.

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