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Maimonides on Diet

a healthy diet“No illness which can be treated by the diet should be treated by any other means.” - Moses Maimonides

First Axiom of Communication

"You cannot not communicate. Every behavior is a kind of communication. Because behavior does not have a counterpart (there is no anti-behavior), it is not possible not to communicate."

- Paul Watzlawick

Henry Ward Beecher - Will to Health

“To array a man’s will against his sickness is the supreme art of medicine.” - Henry Ward Beecher

Plato on Bodymind Nondualism

“The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is that there are physicians for the body and physicians for the soul, although the two cannot be separated.” - Plato

Thoreau on Diet

“A man may esteem himself happy when that which is his food is also his medicine.” - Henry David Thoreau

Hippocrates on Psychosomatic Illness

Hippocrates on Psychosomatic Illness“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.” - Hippocrates


acupuncture is natural medicine “The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.” - Voltaire

Inspiration from William James

Inspiration for acupuncturists and acupuncture patients“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind.”

-William James

Hippocrates on the Source of Healing

Natural healing“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.” - Hippocrates

Hippocrates on Diet & Exercise

Better health through diet and exercise“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.” - Hippocrates

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