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Image Slideshows and Galleries

Animated Image Slideshows

It’s now easy to create elegant multi-image animated slideshows for your acupuncture practice website. Animated slideshows bring your site to life, creating visual interest, stronger branding, and a more engaging user experience. Learn how to create your first image slideshow today!

Image Galleries and Tours

Image galleries are a special type of slideshow that enable you to tell engaging visual stories with images and captions. Galleries are a great tool for creating virtual office tours or “what to expect” pages. Learn how to create your first image gallery now.


Upgraded Mobile Experience

We are pleased to announce that the mobile designs have been upgraded on all of our themes. The updated mobile layout is cleaner and more elegant, with global quick action buttons and better typography on iPhone using Apple’s embedded fonts.

Get Creative with More Font Sizes

It’s a small change with big possibilities.

Theme Renovations - Update

In our latest round of theme updates we have redesigned the social media links, giving them a new, unified visual style. We have also increased the size of fonts, widened the main text column, and added more whitespace to the page header area, navigation menu links, and drop down menus. And we added a very subtle fade-in animation effect to the navigation menu, which makes it feel smoother and more elegant.

And be sure to check out the new Banner Page feature!

Visually Stunning Image Banners

Getting Started with Banner Pages

Many of our themes now support visually stunning full page banner images. You can convert any existing page to a Banner page. Here’s how:

  1. Click the Meta button.
  2. Select the Banner Page option from the Page Type menu.
  3. Click Save. Then click Close
  4. Click the green Edit bar above the banner to select your image.


Beautifully Updated UI

Spring is the perfect time to give birth to a fresh website editing interface. We hope you enjoy the beautiful new graphics and smoother UI interactions (thanks to our move to CSS animations).


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