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Theme Renovations - Update

In our latest round of theme updates we have redesigned the social media links, giving them a new, unified visual style. We have also increased the size of fonts, widened the main text column, and added more whitespace to the page header area, navigation menu links, and drop down menus. And we added a very subtle fade-in animation effect to the navigation menu, which makes it feel smoother and more elegant.

And be sure to check out the new Banner Page feature!

Visually Stunning Image Banners

Getting Started with Banner Pages

Many of our themes now support visually stunning full page banner images. You can convert any existing page to a Banner page. Here’s how:

  1. Click the Meta button.
  2. Select the Banner Page option from the Page Type menu.
  3. Click Save. Then click Close
  4. Click the green Edit bar above the banner to select your image.


Mobile Optimized Acupuncture Websites

Making Your Website Mobile Ready

Mobile ready acupuncture websites An increasing amount of web traffic is coming from mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, and Blackberry phones. Our sleek mobile optimized websites give mobile users the key features they need, while still enabling a full-featured experience for PC and tablet users. Mobile optimization is now included free on all of our websites. Some key features of our mobile ready design:

  • • Mobile users typically pay for a fixed amount of data per month. Our mobile optimization has eliminated inessential code, style sheets, and background images to make your pages as much as 90% smaller. This saves visitors money and makes pages download significantly faster.
  • • Mobile users may have different needs than regular web visitors. For example a mobile visitor is more likely to want to get directions to your office or call you to tell you they’re running late. Our sites now have the option to add Click to Call and Map & Directions buttons to your mobile home page.
  • • Mobile devices have small screens and are often held in portrait mode. Our streamlined mobile page layout automatically conforms to the width of the visitor’s phone so that your site always fits neatly on the screen.

Learn more about our mobile ready features >

Google Webmaster Tools

Google’s Webmaster Tools are useful for checking your backlinks (i.e. finding out who links to you) and for spotting possible errors on your acupuncture website that might hinder your search engine performance. We install Webmaster Tools on your website by default. If you would like login access to Webmaster Tools for you domain, just contact support and let us know.

There's No One Official Google Result

SEO is Hard To Gauge

From Google’s Inside Search website:
People often talk about “the Google results” but the truth is there is no single “Google”—at any given time there are 50-200 different versions of our core algorithm out in the wild. Millions more when you realize your search results are personalized to you and you alone.

How can I optimize my acupuncture website on a small budget?

Acupuncture Website Search Engine Optimization

Doing SEO on your acupuncture clinic website takes time and effort. In this video Google’s Matt Cutts gives some great basic SEO advice: target a small niche market.

DMOZ Open Directory Project

Get a Free SEO Backlink

dmoz acupuncture website seo backlink Ever heard of the DMOZ Open Directory Project? Most acupuncturists haven’t, but it’s well known by search engine optimization professionals. DMOZ is a free, non-commercial, human-edited directory of websites. Google uses the DMOZ Directory to power its own Google Directory. DMOZ has always been considered a great place to get a free, high quality backlink that will help your search engine optimization. Unfortunately it can take a really long time to get listed, so submit your DMOZ listing today…

In this video, Google’s Matt Cutts discusses DMOZ…

Google Places Listing

Get Your Acupuncture Website on Page One

local acupuncture website listings Want to get your acupuncture website found by people in your local area? Google Places listings appear in Google Maps and often show up at the very top of the Google search results page for location-based queries, e.g., boise acupuncturist. Listing in Google Places is free, so what are you waiting for? Listed your acupuncture practice in Google now…

Shorter Links for Twitter Marketing

URL Shortening for Acupuncture Marketing

image Are you using Twitter as part of your acupuncture website marketing mix? Have you even needed to link to a web page with a long URL? The solution is to use a URL shortening service like This neat little service will take your long URL and shorten it to something like this: It’s a must have for anyone using Twitter… and it’s free!

Understanding Image ALT Attributes

Acupuncture Website Optimization

Google's Matt Cutts explains the importance of image ALT attributes for search engine optimization. Users of QiSites acupuncture website builder can edit their image alt attributes from within the image library.

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